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 Заголовок сообщения: Do You Need printer repair service or Maintenance in dubai
СообщениеДобавлено: 26 авг 2023, 15:24 
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Авто: printer repair in dubai we are service provide quality complicated
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Our experts will easily solve all your problems! Printer Repair in Dubai is not an easy task, but the most experienced specialists of our center will cope with a problem of any complexity. We work with HP, Canon and brands of other well-known manufacturers. We solve problems with the power supply, control boards, paper feed mechanism, gearbox, malfunctions in the operation of the guide carriage or the print head and all other difficulties that arise when working with office equipment. Leading Printer repair service center Dubai. Our center provides repair services for hp, Canon, Epson plotters, as well as wide format equipment from other manufacturers.
• If you need Printer repair, then our service center will be your best choice, because:
• we are engaged in your need Printer repair dubai
• we care about our reputation, and therefore we put only branded parts on repaired plotters;
• Our specialists carry out repairs not only in high quality, but also quickly; we issue a guarantee for our services;
• Our Printer repair services are inexpensive;
• If you order Printer repair in our service center, then equipment prevention will be carried out by us free of charge.
• The exact cost of repairing Printer canon, hp, Epson and other manufacturers, our experts will inform you after the diagnosis of equipment. After a thorough inspection of the plotter, they will compile a list of necessary activities and their cost. Only after you confirm your consent, we will begin the repair.
• Free specialist visits are carried in Dubai. If it is difficult to deliver your faulty printer to our service center, a specialist technician will come to your home or office to perform the diagnosis.
• logic board Problem,
• formator board Problem
• Main power supply Problem
• Power cable Problem
• Inside Printer Cable Problem
• Power Adapter Problem
• Software problem
• firmware problem
• Bios issue
• Power IC damage
• Short logic board resistance
• Power Ampere not workingproperly
Media Tray Issue
Some this message appears on printer screen with a full paper tray it could be a hardware issue or may need to update the drivers. For further assistance contact UAE TECH to number given on our website.
Missing Print
Missing print while printing some documents may be because of wrong paper size configuration for this check the setting while giving print command or it might be because use of compatible toner.
Toner Light Still On
Even after you replaced the empty cartridge with new one but stillyou might find the toner light is blinking or continuously on, for that you need to check the chip inserted on printer which use to check the cartridge or need to check the fuser placed on the font of toner. This is common error which you may found in almost all brand. No need to panic just call us for further assistance.
Slow Printing Issue
Sometime printer take time to print than expected time or do not meet the speed given on printer models because of the following reason:
High Resolution Print: Some time printer take time to print high resolution print so, do not worry about the speed.
Drivers issue: Because of the outdate driver of printer cause slow printing issue, it is recommended to install or update the new drivers.
Use of One Cartridge: Some model of printers allows to print in single use cartridge which affect the speed of print, we recommend to use of all cartridge and cartridge should installed properly
Connectivity Problem: Please check the connection of your printer if it wireless printer then check the strength of connection on your desktop or if it connect to ethernetcable please make sure connection is secure or try change the cable.
Use of USB cable: If your printer is connected to your computer by USB cable then length of cable also affects the speed it is better to have short USB cable.
Shift from two-sided to simplex modewill help you to increase the speed but you will use extra pages.
Busy System: If so many programs or applications is running at the same time of give printing command to printer will take time to start the print. For this just restart your system.

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